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Il Maestro Tagliapietra

  • Name
    Luciano and Matteo
  • Product:
    Artistic glass of Burano
  • Location:
    Burano, Venice
  • Foundation

A conversation with the Maestro

Luciano, Murano has a centuries-old history of glassmaking. What hasn't changed in all this time?

One thing that has not changed in almost 1000 years of history for Murano glass is the manual skill. The technique. And it must not change: if we lose that, we lose our identity. Designers and craftsmen from all over the world come to our masters to learn our technique. We have been shaping glass for centuries and we will continue to do so, in the same way.

Matteo, with such an important history behind you, where do you find the space to innovate?

If you want quality, those are the processes, there is little you can do. This is also the value of the Murano brand. The artistic taste, the savoir-faire and the techniques do not change, but their applicability does. The master's gaze changes. The inspiration and artistic vision that shapes the glass changes.

Between ancient techniques and contemporary ideas, where are you taking your work next?

We are in search of uniqueness. We are abandoning catalogue production and working more and more with our customers, giving shape to their ideas. In artistic production, we allow ourselves to be contaminated by masters who come from outside, often from very far away.

The Murano area is also unique for its lagoon environment. What do you recommend we visit to capture the authentic soul of these places?

Everything is special for us here, but apart from Murano, Burano is a must-see. With its small, colourful houses it recalls the traditions and places of Murano, but in its own way. But first, you must visit the Murano Glass Museum. Beautiful and not to be missed.