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    Filippo and Giuseppe
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    Neapolitan contemporary tailoring
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    La costiera amalfitana

A conversation with Filippo and Giuseppe, Neapolitan contemporary tailors.

Yours is an elegance that defies time, but let's start from a definite point. Let’s start from the beginning.

It all stems from our passion for the style icons of the recent past, for elegance, for tailoring and for fine craftsmanship. But we have a very contemporary vision of style: we like to revisit iconic garments from the past in a modern way. We often design and take inspiration from garments that we inherited from our parents and grandparents. That's why we always strive for excellence, and we don't allow mistakes.

You call yourselves Neapolitan contemporary tailors. Filippo, what does this definition mean to you?

It means creating a proposal that attracts lovers of elegance of all kinds: from young people approaching the world of tailoring to gentlemen over 70 who appreciate our style. For us, this is contemporary tailoring. Neapolitan because our workforce comes entirely from the Campania region, which is so rich in craftsmanship and sartorial tradition. But we are contemporary in this respect as well: we bring our international vision to an art and a craftsmanship that is already well established.

Giuseppe, combining contemporaneity and craftsmanship is ambitious. In your garments, where do you look at the contemporary and where do you look at tradition?

Processes that have very little to do with manual work are often passed off as 'craftsmanship'. I still cut by hand, and I will continue to do so: only manual work can give that 'slowness', that tolerance that is fundamental on a haute couture garment. The artisan production chain guarantees the sartorial soul of the garment.